Why are your websites so cheap compared to other designers ?
I do not believe in ripping off people, I started doing this because I didn’t want to be ripped off and it evolved into a business.
Can I make changes to the website ?
If you want to make changes you will need a Content Managed Website (CMS) – We do offer this option and also provide a tutorial on how to use the admin section to affect these changes. We will gladly quote according to your requirements.
What happens if I want to change something on the Website later on ?
In the first 30 days, you can request changes that don’t affect the structure of the website and they are free. Thereafter a change request will cost R120. A Change request is not per item but rather per request, so you can change multiple items on one change request. If you have a CMS (Content managed site) you will be able to affect the changes yourself.
How do I choose the right hosting package ?
The Website files themselves are relatively small, it is the email that takes up the most space, but don’t stress, if you run out of space, we can upgrade your package at any time and you will only pay the difference.
Will my site be visible on Google ?
Yes, it will, I submit your site to over 300 search engines when we launch it. I cannot guarantee what your ranking will be in Google but I will give you some marketing tips to promote your site.
Can I phone you with info for the site ?
I would prefer you not to, although I will still take your call. It is just easier to keep track of everything when it is in writing, so I prefer e mail as the method of communication.
Can We meet to discuss a website ?
I would prefer not to, although I will still oblige. It is just easier to keep track of everything when it is in writing, so I prefer e mail as the method of communication.

I do websites all over South Africa and the world, so I very seldom meet any of my clients.

I am based far away, how can you do a website for me ?
I do Websites all over South Africa, I receive all my correspondence via e mail and if necessary we can engage in Skype meetings.
Do you provide Support ?
Yes I do, but it is limited to the Website and E mail. I am able to offer support via software called Ultra Viewer
Why can't you give me a quote without me providing information
Every client has a different requirement for their websites, and we do not like to sell packages that either exceeds the client’s requirements or fall way short, there is no point in paying for something that you do not need. Every website is different, as different as our clients.
Give us the information we request and we will gladly give you a binding quote.

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