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According to a recent report by Google, a whopping 97% of consumers will search for business information online. While a website acts as a 24/7 calling card for your business, there are several other things you need to set-up in order to have a strong online presence. Google maps is a powerful tool for business owners, particularity for anyone who owns retail-based businesses or restaurants. We reveal three reasons why every business needs to be on Google maps.

In order to have your business registered on Google Maps, you will first need to ‘claim it’ on Google Places. The Google places for Business tool lets you search for your business name and address, as it may already be registered by Google. If it is not showing up, you can follow the step-by-step instruction to register your business, and then claim it. Double check that all of your business information, links, opening times, and location on the map are up to date before you submit. Registering and claiming a business is free of charge, but you will need to have a Gmail account.

Attract New Customers

Perhaps the most obvious of benefits, is that a listing on Google Maps will instantly help to attract new customers to your business. When an individual is searching for a specific type of business in the area, your company will show up in their search results and on their maps. You’ll be sure to notice a boost in website traffic, and potentially an increase in sales or bookings when you list your business on Google Maps.

Customer Ease

Another benefit is that existing customers can quickly and easily find out the information that they are looking for. Rather than having to go to your website and click on the right sections to find how to get there, directions to your business can be automatically displayed by just one search on Google or on Google Maps.

Sat Nav Savvy

Some Sat Navs use Google Maps. If a driver uses their sat nav to search for nearby business, your business will show up and they will be directed there.

Google Maps can also help to boost your search engine and page ranking. Don’t miss out on a wealth of new customers by being behind with the times, register your business on Google Maps and Places today.