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We all know that there is nothing more frustrating than going onto a website and seeing that the Copyright says 2011 and the information is outdated, maybe it is old images or pricing, and at worst case scenario the contact details are no longer valid.

New, fresh and interesting content encourages visitors to keep returning to your site.

If people find appealing content on your site, they are more likely to link to it. This means that your site is likely to place higher in search results which, in turn, is likely to help attract more visitors to your site.

Regularly updating content requires commitment. Simply building a website then forgetting about it might not be making the most of your investment. To maintain content, it is often a good idea to have multiple people involved. Another way to generate continually updated content is to offer your visitors the ability to contribute to your site through social media.

It is imperative that you get your web designer to update your site on a regular basis, making sure that the information displayed is still relevant and ensuring that new information regarding products and services are updated.

It’s a New Year, make your resolution to ensure that your website is updated as what your company is!!