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Are you getting your monies worth when it comes to your Facebook Campaigns? What kind of return on investment are you getting for your cash and your time and effort?

A recent study has shown that video adverts are 80% more effective than standard text and image based type of adverts, so without a doubt, it would make more sense to have a video advert. The next question is what do you do with that video advert in order to make it effective.

Do you pay for a Facebook Campaign? How effective are they in reality?

In my personal opinion, and I have tried several marketing streams, Facebook Campaigns are a pain. Firstly, their guidelines or “rules” on the creation of adverts are an absolute nightmare, simply because they do not allow more than 20% of text in an advert, and the same applies to videos. Give the fact that very few people actually listen to the video, it is VERY hard trying to get a message across when the advertiser is limiting the amount of text you want to place into an advertisement. I have had instances where after about 5 attempts in trying to get a video approved by Facebook, I just gave up and canceled the campaign because it was just taking too much of my time.

As they say “THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING” and before anyone commits, they want to see results !!

At SDDS Web Design, we have put together a little marketing formula, using our video creation service and then Facebook Group Posting Service, which combined, will give you great exposure and the numbers below speak for themselves.

This is a case study that we did with a client who was paying for Facebook Marketing:


Above is a screenshot of the clients Facebook Marketing Efforts


Below is what her Facebook Page Insights looked like before we started:



 and below is the result of using a video and posting to Facebook groups for Just 2 Days.



You cannot dispute the numbers above, as they speak for themselves.


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