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One of the best known e mail clients and the most widely used is Gmail, one of the reasons for this is due to its easy to use interface and the second and most likely the biggest drawcard, is that it is completely FREE.

Having said that, it is also the most common form of mail associated with scams, spam and other illicit activity, to the extent that many mails sent from Gmail are filtered out or blocked by servers.

I recently did a survey on Facebook where I asked on one group, how likely you would be to do business with a supplier using Gmail and if using a domain e mail address, would give you more credibility. A screenshot of the results are below:

The numbers here speak for themselves.

Many businesses without a website do not have access to a domain e mail address, e.g. info@mybusiness.co.za and are also under the impression that a service like this is going to cost a fortune. The other argument or excuse that I hear often is; “We have always used Gmail”. “We like the ease of use that Gmail Offers”, and the list goes on.

At SDDS Web design we understand that clients do not always like change, and do not have big budgets to appear professional and we have come up with an innovative solution.

For only R200 per year, you can have your cake and eat it, in that we can register a domain for you and you can have a domain e mail address that is received in your Gmail inbox and best of all Gmail give you 15 Gb of space, so you do not need to stress about how much space you get etc.. When you receive mails and reply, it will appear that they are coming from your domain e mail, you will also still have the freedom.

If you are interested just get hold of us via our contact page, we will register your domain and give you a tutorial on how to set up your Gmail to send a receive from your Gmail client.