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Imagine walking into a shop and you are not greeted by anyone, you walk around aimlessly and cannot find what you are looking for and there is no shop assistant in site to assist you or answer your questions!

What do you do?

Most people would just walk out of the store and find somewhere else to buy their product, even if it is more expensive.
The same applies to your website, often a client arrives on your website and has a question and cannot find an answer and leaves and you have potentially lost a sale or a potential customer.
That is the importance of having an online chat facility on your website, it is your shop assistant that can answer the clients queries and make them feel important.

Not only does the application facilitate online chat, it also provides you with statistics, has a scheduler to put you on and offline and when you are offline it prompts the client for their contact details. Added to this you will be mailed a chat transcript after each complete chat, and many other features.

There are also Android and iOS Apps that can be installed on your mobile device so that you can always be available to your clients.

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