A recent survey I did on a local Facebook group with over 50 000 members revealed that people were more likely to do business with companies that used domain email addresses (for example joe@abcdesigns.co.za) over companies that used Gmail or other “free” email services like vodamail, yahoo and others.

One of the reasons for this is a number of scammers out there, use these modes of communication, resulting in it being perceived in a negative light for the legitimate users.

The reason so few small businesses sign up for a domain email account are twofold, firstly they believe that it is going to be expensive, and secondly they like Gmail, they enjoy the ease of use and have become accustomed to its user interface.

At SDDS Web design we understand the challenges that small business face and we are here to assist. For a yearly fee of R150 we can register a domain on your behalf and provide you with a domain email address for only R40 per month, we will even go one step further and show you how you can set up the domain email address right in Gmail, so when you send emails it will send from your domain email address and you will receive all your domain emails right there in Gmail, just like you have always been doing.

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