With over one billion WordPress sites on the web right now and over 50,000 posts being published on a daily basis, one can easily get discouraged before venturing into the same department. Most people are known to wonder how they will be able to get their audience to visit their website on a regular basis. It is possible for your site to contain all the right kinds of information. However, that is never a guarantee that you will reach anyone. Your site can remain invisible.

Don’t wonder how to get your website noticed, follow these 8 great tips!

You can do many things that will ensure your website is noticed. Listed are valuable tips that will help get your WordPress site seen on the internet.

Focus on SEO

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 1

It is important to understand that search engine optimization best practices will help bring your website to the next level. The process of implementing SEO on your contents is not only an assurance of getting your site noticed, but it’s one significant step to ensuring success.

Here are ways you can use SEO to increase the chances of your website being found on the internet.

  • Utilization of keywords
  • Linking internally to other quality contents on your website
  • Linking externally to authoritative sources
  • Improving content styling

Search engines will rank keyword optimized and fast websites better

Get Backlinks to Your Website

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 2

Posting contents on your WordPress on a regular basis is important. However, getting backlinks from other high quality and top performing websites directing viewers to your site is equally important. Backlinks are known to be an excellent way that will help your site to appear on the first page of the Google search results. However, the process of getting backlinks can be a bit complicated.

One excellent method you can always use is to guest post on other websites in your niche. This will enable you to link back to your site in exchange for writing quality contents for another internet site. The backlink will redirect readers to your website. Using well-established sites traffic to promote your website is a sure method of promoting your website.

Guest posts is a great way of giving other websites content while getting a link back

Brand Your Website

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 3

Branding your site will make a first great impression and will later be important in determining how your readers will recognize your world. To brand your site and yourself, you will need to create a unique email signature, create a memorable tagline, add a favicon and upload a personal logo.

Branding is important so that users know who you are and can recognize you consistently.

You will also have to stay consistent with all your color schemes and writing styles and ensure that you use the name of your website in nearly all the social media platforms. These tactics will all help you to promote your WordPress site, and it will get noticed by individuals who even have never visited it before.

Get on Social Media Networks

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 4

It is always an excellent idea for one to expand their website reach by using popular social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedLn. The importance of utilizing the social media is a get noticed. Never just, stick to posting contents that you have posted on your website. Try commenting on other people’s accounts, ask questions and answer people who comment on your posts. Interaction will make more people interested in your site.

The power of social media is inexplicable, harness it to your advantage!

Build An Email List

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 5

Email marketing is known to be one of the best tactics for promoting the contents of your site. Your email list will always grow together with your site. You can quickly email those people who subscribed whenever you have new content to share. Below are the things your marketing campaign will do for your websites promotional offers:

  • Increase ROI and lower cost
  • Provides a direct communication line to those who are interested in your content
  • Ensure readers are up to date with the happenings of your website
  • Strengthens your relationship with those of your current subscribers
  • Adds a personal touch to the site visitors

Great articles via email is hugely appreciated by readers and can convert clicks back to your website.

Make Images Count

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 6

Using high-quality images on your website will not only ensure that your contents are interesting and readable, but it will also help in getting more backlinks. This is known to be true especially when you are using informative infographics to complement your blog posts. Good images are more likely to be shared with your audience on social media.

Humans are visual and images feed that visual need while browsing the internet.

Conduct a Contest

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 7

Any person would be interested in taking part in a competition that includes a prize at the end. You can decide to hold a contest on your website that will introduce new visitors to your WordPress site. Games are known to offer a great opportunity for you to be able to connect with interested people.

Host a contest on your website to introduce new visitors to your site and all-around have a fun time. Such people will help you collect more followers ad fans thereby increasing user engagement that will boost our listing efforts and expand the reach of the brand.

Possible Contests include

  • Coming up with skill-based game such as best video or picture or mini project contest and select the winner from the entries
  • Conducting a traffic game whereby any person who directs most traffic to your website in a specified period wins.
  • Organizing sweepstakes where the visitors will have to sign up using their email address to win a prize.

Ensure High Quality Content

8 Useful Tips to Get Your Website Noticed 8

Content is King! Every time you get to post new content on your WordPress site, you will create a new opportunity to be found on search engines. You will always be sure of people sharing your content on social media, collect back links and introduce yourself to new people. Quality content will also engage your loyal readers; provide social media involvement and appeals to your new audience.


Many great resources are available and can help on in promoting their WordPress sites to ensure they are noticeable, considering the eight tips mentioned above will get you on the right track.

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