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We are all faced with challenges when it comes to technology, and some people are more knowledgeable than others, but there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get assistance and not getting a response.

Most support calls are repetitive and can easily be solved, but response times are often delayed due to workloads.

At SDDS Web Design we pride ourselves on quick response times and we try our absolute best to resolve any issues you may have as quickly as possible. That said it is not always possible to do so due to other commitments and that is why we have taken another step in what we believe is the right direction.

We are proud to announce the implementation of our HELP DESK which came into fruition on 1 May 2018.

With this implementation, we are able to achieve the following :

  • Helpdesk tickets are created when you log a request, either on our website or by mailing helpme@sddsweb.co.za
  • Your ticket is mailed to you and you are able to log into your own personal desk portal to view the status of your request
  • Your request will be allocated to a staff member and they will respond to and resolve your issue, if they cannot, it will be escalated to management.
  • Clients can be categorized and tickets for those that are on monthly retainers for support are automatically allocated to management
  • The support member can send you a screen share request and you can allow access to your PC for quick assistance, or they can share their screen in order to train you how to resolve your problem.
  • Once a ticket is resolved it is closed but a record is kept on your profile for ease of reference.