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We are proud to announce an addition to the SDDS Web Design Brand with the launch of Hummingbird Website Design. You might be asking the question why ? Well its actually quite simple in terms of strategic marketing.

SDDS (Specialised Design and Development Services) was founded to cater for a niche market, being startup companies that required simple websites and budget services, however as the years passed, we found that we were also attracting many corporate as well as international clients and their requirements were distinctly different.

Where SDDS Web design offered modular pricing structures, the corporate and international environment demanded a different approach and they focused on bundled structures, annual payment models and high value “bolt on” services.

Hummingbird Designs was founded to cater for the needs of the corporate and international market, with larger hosting packages and bundled options, that suited the clients needs.

Some questions that clients have posed to us are as follows, and these might answer your questions too:

What is different ? Essentially nothing has changed in terms of service, pricing or the quality of design, it is simply a new face on the same product with different packaging options

Why Not Just Rebrand? Our clients have become accustomed to our brand and are comfortable with it. It is easily identifiable. We like it too and did not want to “give it up” as therein lies a lost of sentimental memories through our journey and growth.

Will Hummingbird Website Design operate as a separate business? No, all administration and invoicing will still be done through SDDS Web Design, we have amended our invoices to include the new brand, but essentially it is not a new business, it is merely an extension of the existing business.