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Congratulations! You have a brand-new sparkly website. You sit and wait with baited breath for the visitors to start rushing to your website. But they don’t and you cannot understand why?

A website is more than just pretty pictures and attractive fonts; colours to brighten up any day. Don’t get me wrong – good pictures are great and there is nothing worse than dull images that just send a website into a downward spiral. It is also important to get a readable font; one that is easy on the eyes and actually materialises into words in your mouth.

Visitors to your website can click on and then disappear in seconds, not even making it to your second page. So how do you keep them interested, how do you keep them reading on, how do you get them to connect with you and your business and what it has to offer?

Think about some of the websites you have been onto recently – which ones stuck in your memory, which ones keep you interested and which ones made you stay; and I am not talking for just a minute or two, scrolling through to see what you can find. I am suggesting the ones that kept you intrigued and wanting to know more.

The internet is there and we all use it every day; everything we need is just one click away. We have all adapted to this fast-paced life where we don’t even need to pick up the phone to make a call. The personal connection is diminishing daily and the competition online is hectic! So how do you stand out, how are you different and what does your website reflect about your business?

The answer is simple and yet not so easily done. The most valuable investment you can make in your website is the CONTENT, it is absolutely crucial to the success of your website. You want visitors to hit your website and you want to keep them. Google is very interested in the content of a website and if you want to be ranked on the search engines like Google, then you need to have quality content. You want visitors to absorb what you are telling them, you want them to connect with your business and you want them to find value in what you have to offer.

Content Marketing is whole another ball game and please stay tuned for our next blog! The best place to start is with great content and there is an art to this.

This is where I come in and if you are ready to take your website to then next level, click below to request more information.

Until next time!