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  1. You don’t have to choose from a template as we give you the freedom to choose what you want and custom build according to your requirements.
  2. You are treated as a unique individual with unique needs and desires, we tailor our design according to your specs.
  3. Don’t pay for extra’s that you don’t need! Rather invest that money where it is well spent with content creation and marketing.  
  4. In the past we offered monthly website design packages but in the long run you pay so much more; therefore we have opted out of this short-term solution.
  5. Small business web design packages are available and with our unique quoting system this makes us an affordable website design company.

2019 is definitely going to be a year of growth and development for SDDS Web Design and here is a sneak preview on what you can look forward to.

We recently employed a content creation specialist as we found that many of our clients were finding it difficult to express what they wanted on their websites. Much to our surprise the first thing our new team member did was to tear apart our own website after an in depth discussion with the Search Engine Optimization Specialist that we are in the process of employing. Together, over a cup of coffee, they generated a document that totally blew me out of the water and made me question everything that I knew and understood about keywords and content – and the value thereof!

As one of the well-known website developers in Durban, we often find clients recommending us on social media when anything relating to marketing companies in Durban is asked for, but we have always focused on the website design side although we did offer a website marketing solution to our clients. We did not do this in house and referred the business to someone who had knowledge in this specific field. There are many marketing companies in Durban who claim to know what they are doing, however, aligning ourselves with one of these would mean extending our reputation and image to their brand; and if they failed it would be a poor reflection on SDDS Web Design. As a result we decided to extend our services in house by employing key team members that are able to perform these functions and focus on the specific needs of our clients and thus enable us to achieve our goal of becoming one of the most affordable website design companies in South Africa

Stay connected for the next installment where I will be telling you more about the team members who will be joining us and what they can do for your business