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We all like getting something for free. And when you’re a small business, especially if you’re just getting started, you’re probably on a strict budget. So you love finding anything that helps you run your business without spending a cent, but nothing says “I am a small business guy who is clueless” like a Gmail or Yahoo account on your business card.

Not only does it LOOK unprofessional for you to be using a free email service like gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail, but you are sacrificing a great opportunity to get the name of your company on the mind of this new contact, and frankly put, free email services are just an unsafe way to communicate and it’s not just unprofessional, it’s downright risky.

I cannot tell you have many times I have seen a professional business card with a gmail address on it. In this day and age with website and domain names such an easy thing to come by why do so  many otherwise professional business owners still use a free email a service for their email?

It could be like the old saying goes ‘Old habits die hard.’. Or, it could be that free email is saving them some money? But neither of these arguments are very good ones if you truly want to taken seriously and want to grow your business safely.

As a Durban based Website Designer we also provide email hosting as one of our services and I am amaized at how many times I am sent quotes for my home improvements from Gmail addresses, more often than not, they land up in my spam folder and I only see the quotes after the job has been allocated. 

Most SPAM filters these days are looking for free email account email addresses like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo!. The reason is that SPAMMers typically use free email accounts to send out SPAM. It is easier to setup a free email account and it doesn’t cost them a cent.


When you use your companies domain name in your email correspondence, you are continually presenting your company name over and over again. It’s like free marketing, and if you don’t take this opportunity to market your own business, and you use a free email service like Gmail, you are essentially putting a sign for somebody else’s business over your front door. In other words, you are advertising for Gmail and not your own business. Granted Google appreciates the free advertising, but you shouldn’t be doing that for Google! They have a much larger advertising budget than you do

You Are Missing Out on a Valuable Marketing Opportunity

“Using your domain name in your email address is similar to how Product Placement is used in the movies to get people to remember that product even after the movie is over.”

What does your email address say about your company

If your argument against a custom email address is that Gmail and Yahoo provide perfectly good free ones, consider this: if you were thinking about spending a fair amount of money with a company, which salesperson email would you feel more confident in:

MoonLuv235@gmail.com -Or- sales@businessgrowth.com

Using free email addresses detracts from the value you want to offer your customers. They’re too busy trying to figure out why you didn’t spring for the nominal cost of a custom email address to actually buy from you. And since your competitors all use custom email addresses, that might be the single factor that sends business elsewhere.

You’re right in thinking that an email address shouldn’t validate your credibility, but it does, on some subconscious level. Make sure the impression that potential customers get of your brand isn’t marred by a free email address

You cannot afford not to do it !!!

At SDDS Web Design we believe in offering solutions, and affordable ones at that and while you think that using a free email address for your business if fine and you do not need to spend a couple of rand on a professional domain email address, you are sadly mistaken … IT IS COSTING YOU MONEY !!

The sales you are losing by your mails not being delivered and possible clients taking your credibility into question is actually costing you money and you do not even realise it!

Are you set in your ways ?

I often hear clients tell me that they like Gmail, they are comfortable with the way it works and do not want to battle with a new program or way of doing things …. but did you know that we can assist you to set up your professional email address right there in your Google Client! You will be sending and recieving mails using Google but you will be doing so with your own professional email address! Find out more HERE