Every Day I see posts on Facebook where clients call for recommendations via social media with regards to website design and it amazes me how “Website Designers” will comment with posts like :

“I have a special offer I charge R1300
Here are the links of websites that i have created:…”


“R350 once off”

Not once did they ask the client what his requirements were … Number of Pages … Functionality Required … NOTHING

They see one thing only … Money … I went and looked at a couple of portfolios and found the following :

  • One guy was designing everything in Dreamweaver and every single site he designed looked the same
  • One Guy was using a standard template from WordPress and every site he designed looked the same
  • One Guy should not even be left near a box of crayons because from his portfolio is was painfully obvious that he had no clue was he was doing

The strange thing is that a client often does not know what really goes into a website design, often has no idea what they really need in terms of structure and doesn’t realise that they could be paying for something that cannot be changed at a later stage or his developed on something similar to a WIX platform which does not allow them to move the site or take ownership of it.

Yes I know that all website designers are aiming for a piece of the pie, but at the end of the day we must take the client into account and their needs should be put first, it is not just about churning out template based websites …. This is a crucial part of a client’s business and they need it to work for them!

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