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Hi, My name is Chad, I am the owner of Specialised Design and Development Services, better known as SDDS and we are a Marketing Agency specialising in Website Design with close to 8 years of experience in the field.

Today I want to talk to you about how the global markets are changing and how this affects your business and the way you do business and hopefully you can get something useful out of this to help you adapt to this crazy, changing world that we live in.

Adapting your Business

COVID19 has fundamentally changed the world and made us all look at it in a different way, it has caused global panic and business are closing down, leaving many unemployed, but in the same vain, it is also creating opportunities for those that do not sit on the side line and watch the collapse around them. Dinosaurs could not adapt and thus became extinct and your business will to if you do not embrace change and make a change to the way you do business.

Some great examples of business that quickly adapted to the situation around them was for example INTERFLORA who could not deliver flowers so they quickly adapted to delivering basic necessities and groceries.

Some might say, “Yes but that was because they couldn’t deliver flowers and they will go back to normal once everything else goes back to normal” Maybe you are right, but maybe they will start a whole new business that specialises in other deliveries!

Things will never go back to NORMAL as we knew it, the world has changed forever, just like 9/11 changed the shape of travel, this will change the way people interact, many businesses will continue allowing their staff to work from home, saving thousands on rent and associated expenses.

The way people shop will also change because even after our lockdown and quarantines have been lifted, people will not want to interact with people on a one to one basis and there will be a large portion that will still want to avoid crowds.

People have learned new skills with regards to Google and Shopping

South Africans have never fully embraced Ecommerce or Online Shopping and Takealot made mention of this a while back when comparing sales to the likes of Amazon and AliBaba, arguably the worlds two biggest ecommerce platforms.

Through the Lockdown imposed on us, many South Africans have turned to Online Shopping for the first time, in fact the same applies to a large portion of the world, to the extent that Amazon had to employ close to 100 000 additional staff to cope with the influx of orders. The likes of Pick and Pay and Woolworths just cannot cope with their deliveries and online orders because their business was not geared for it.

Once the “New Normal” comes into effect, it is predicted by several analysts, that a large number of people will continue to shop online and will prefer to do so, in order to not only save time, but money and minimise any risk of contact with other individuals in crowded or confined spaces.

Another benefit of trading online is your market share … with a brick and mortar store, you limit your market to your immediate community and yet with an ecommerce store, you can expand your market share to the whole country.

Is your business ready to provide this alternative to your clients ?

What if you do not sell a physical product?

You might say, but I sell a service, not a physical product … Well it is just as important to have a Website so that your business can be found online, in fact it was important before the world changed, and now it is critical that clients not only find you online by searching for you through Google and other search engines, but it is important that your website is interactive, allowing clients to book online or chat online to get quotes or make use of you.

If your business provides an information service, like a Psychologist for example, you could look at online consultations, through Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or Microsoft Teams, but again, an online presence is a must where these consultation methods can be built into your site, making it easy for a client to interact with you.


Most people do not like change and will often resist it, but the world has changed, whether you like it or not and if you do not embrace the change and adapt to the “New Normal” you will be left behind and your business will eventually cease to exit.

You need to look at how your business can adapt, for example, a company producing Gin, now suddenly produces hand sanitizer and maybe they will continue to produce the hand sanitizer in line with their Gin in the days going forward as an additional revenue stream.

Courage is taking action despite your fear and it takes you out of your comfort zone but forces you to do things differently, there is no other option but to change the way you do things and do business.

Its not one big change that you need to make, it’s a lot of small little changes to the way you do business that will help your business grow and succeed … it is also easier to make a small change rather than a massive changes and these little changes you make will become the turning point in your business … 1% at a time …

Marketing your Business

The old analogy of “Build it and they will come” does not apply to websites, having the best website in the world with no marketing is like having a boutique store in a dark back alley of a city, no one is going to find you!

Many Website designers will tell you that they do marketing and SEO as well, but both of these fields are extremely specialised and in order to get the most out of your investment budget, you need to allow a professional with a proven track record handle this for you.

Although we offer Marketing, we do not do it ourselves, we have aligned ourselves strategically with a well known and reputable marketing agency that works very closely with our clients and ourselves as they are able to offer a specialised service, the same applies to IT Hardware and Support and Search Engine Optimization, and yes you could Do IT Yourself or Destroy It Yourself but are you willing to take that risk with your business?

Remember that marketing is not a cost or an expense, it is an investment in your business and your future.

Get in touch

If you would like more information on how to get your business online, need help with a marketing plan or anything similar, them get in touch with us via our website and we are proud to say that our advice is always free and our quotes come with no obligation.

In Closing

There is a massive opportunity and if you shift you can take advantage of that opportunity, the choice remains with you.