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The best investment you can make in your business is having an effective marketing strategy. Businesses big and small are constantly looking at ways to market their product or service within the constraints of a budget.

For small or start-up businesses the budget is virtually non-existent and every penny is carefully counted before splurging on a marketing campaign. Why are some small companies more successful than others and what sets them apart?

Here we look at some of the basic and most cost effective ways to get your small business name out there and on the way to becoming a household name.

  1. Create a business page on Facebook and post to it regularly. It is a place where potential customers can find out more about what you have to offer and reach out to chat and ask questions.
  2. Have a business domain with a professional email address. This adds credibility to your business and provides visibility for your brand.
  3. Have an online presence with a professionally built website. You will reach more potential customers and you can provide them with relevant information about your business.
  4. Start a blog and make sure you post regularly to it. Blogs do great things for SEO (search engine optimization) and it is an inexpensive way for small businesses to drive traffic to their website.
  5. Grow your email list and encourage subscribers to share and forward your emails. It is important to create interesting and relevant content to get people interested and want to stay subscribed. You can include an opt-in at the end of each of your blog posts to make it easy for people to sign up.
  6. Learn the basics of SEO and supply good content for your website. This is crucial to the success of your website, not only to retain visitors but also to have a high ranking on search engines.
  7. Pictures sell! There is nothing worse than outdated, blurred or badly taken photos. Boost your website by increasing its visual appeal, professionalism and usability with great graphics.
  8. Word of mouth is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Consumers trust recommendations more than any other form of marketing so involve your customers to do your advertising for you.

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