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Hands up for those who are not interested in any product or service offered free of charge. I personally know that if I can get a free coffee when I fill up my car with petrol, which petrol station will be getting my business. But here is some food for thought, do people undervalue things they get for free ? Or do we place a higher value on things we pay for?

For anyone who has ever worked in marketing and advertising, you will know the power of the word “FREE”. We have all seen free samples offered, or the popular term ‘ buy 1 get 1 free’ and if a person scouts around online, very often you will be temped with a free offering. Sign up for free recipes, stay 3 nights’ and only pay for 2 nights’ accommodation and of course my favourite, design your own website for free.

One of the most powerful techniques to gain customers is to offer a free service or product and the important thing to remember is to make sure that what ever is offered for free, is of real value to your customer.
But not everything in life is for free and often there is the temptation of something offered for free, to gain your future business. Makes perfect sense and who would not take up something of real value to them without paying a cent?

Now this is the time to be savvy, make sure you read the terms and conditions, because there is always a reason behind something offered for free. What starts off costing you nothing, can end up costing you a whole lot more than you intended to spend!
Do you research and make sure you understand the terms; and I am not talking about a free coffee or a free sample, but when something seems to be good to be true, it most probably is…

It is important to remember that when something of value is offered for free, someone has to bear the cost. There is a cost to the supplier of the goods or the company offering the service, there is a cost to that coffee and the free service cost someone their time. Just don’t fall into the trap of signing up for a free service that ends up costing you more based on a monthly subscription or a long term contract.

Our business model at SDDS Web Design does not offer free websites, but we do offer added services of value at no additional cost to you. We pride ourselves on our service and our customer reviews speak volumes, our aim is to provide an affordable service so that you can get your business online!

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