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“Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts”.

One of the most common struggles we experience as a Web Design company is receiving decent content to build a website, something more than just 3 pictures and a one liner on what the business is about.

Imagine having to bake a cake with no instructions and some of the ingredients missing – it would be a recipe for disaster!

Having good content that appeals to your audience is probably one of the most important digital marketing strategies of your business, it helps you connect with your target audience and helps build trust.

Here are some ideas to get you started with content creation, so get pen and paper ready and get going with some amazing content!

  1. You need to do plenty of research and identify your target audience. Write down content as though you were selling your product or service to potential clients
  2. Highlight important things that you want your potential clients to read; include relevant and educational content that is easy to read;
  3. Outline the benefits of using your product or service and why they should choose you over your competitor;
  4. Make sure that your content is free of grammatical errors – you do not want potential clients to challenge your credibility based on misspelt words;
  5. Brainstorm with some trusted advisors and join a social networking group; you may get to learn what people are talking about and gain some insights on how you may be of help to them;
  6. Offer solutions, answer potential questions that could be asked and question basic assumptions, not just yours but those of your clients.

One last word… Write fresh, original and quality content!

If you get stuck, we are happy to help so send an email to content@sdds.co.za or visit www.sddsweb.co.za for more information on our services.