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There is no straightforward answer to this as there are varying factors to consider with different industries, but research on 200 top marketing websites estimates on average 2 years 7 months. Technology is changing rapidly and the capability of websites, marketing and analytics are constantly advancing and thus a redesign would be recommended to keep up with the times.

Changes could be attributed to visitors’ expectations, changes in the web and of course changes in your business. One change that does crop up from time to time is rebranding. The fresh look and feel is not only appealing but it also offers the stimulation your business may need to create new growth.

Has your industry evolved and is your focus shifting? One only needs to think of Kodak or Blockbusters as these are great examples of companies that did not keep up with the times. If your industry changes and your business is evolving, change needs to take place on your website too.

Are you keeping up with the latest design trends? Very often ‘less is more’ and clearing some of the clutter to create a more streamlined visitor experience is definitely on the cards. I don’t know about you, but I detest websites that have so much information that it is impossible to navigate and find what I am looking for.

My favourite must be those old websites that are not responsive to the device you are viewing the website on. If your last design was 6 years ago, it is possible that most of your visitors are using completely different devices today. Recent studies show that mobile devices generate around 50% of global website traffic so it is essential to have a mobile responsive or mobile version of your website.

Keep in mind that when your business or your visitors change, your website ages. It can be a tough decision but to keep your website fresh and relevant, a redesign is the clear-cut answer.