One of the most important parts of your online store or e-commerce solution is getting paid, because what is the point of selling products online and not receiving money for it?

At SDDS we have your best interests at heart and as a result, we have partnered with PAYGATE as a service provider, offering a single solution to your checkout process of your online store.

In the past, you would need to sign up with several different providers in order to receive payments and it would become a nightmare trying to reconcile your accounts and payments, not to mention the potential for fraud. Then there is the question as to what payment gateways you want to offer your client, without confusing them or giving them too many options, but also being concerned not to limit their options and make it difficult to make the payment.

Paygate offers a solution to this by offering your client 7 Payment methods all through one supplier.


  • No Internet Merchant Account Required
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Fixed Term Contracts – Pay As You Go
  • Free Fraud Monitoring