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Please complete the form below to enable us to provide you with an obligation free quote on your website design requirements. Below the form is a Glossary of Terms, just in case you are not familiar with the “jargon” we use on our quote request form.


Online Store
This is a website that is used to sell products online, clients can browse through your store, buy, and pay for goods and have them delivered.
This is a type of website where you share information, either personal or on your business by posting articles which you share on the internet.
This is the identity of your website or business and appears on your business cards.
A website is stored on a server, with your email, this is called hosting and is required so that your website can be accessed by the world wide web. The cost of hosting is determined by space and services required.
A Domain is your website address, the part that starts with www. All domains are registered with a controlling body and there is an annual fee payable to renew the registration.
Domain E Mails
This is an e mail address that ends with your domain, for example info@sddsweb.co.za
CMS Website
A CMS Website is a Content Managed Website, this is where the user has access to change some or all of the content of the website. These are usually designed in WordPress
Static Website
This is a website that is designed using coding and the user has no access to make changes to the content of the site. The designer needs to make the changes for the owner.
There are some exceptions, for example adding pictures to a Gallery.
Custom Form
Websites use forms to submit or gather information. A Simple form usually consists of 4 lines, being Name, Number, Email and Message.
Anything other than the above is classified as a custom form.
Embeded Sound or Videos
Music and Video can be installed on a Website with a player, enabling users to view or listen online.
Some websites require you to register in order to view content.
Custom Banners
A Banner is an oblong image or slideshow on a website that can either be sold as advertising space, or be used to showcase your services or business