We have heard our customers and understand that firstly, not everyone can afford a professional website built for their small business, and secondly, there are many computer literate DIY enthusiasts out there that want to build their own website for their business, they want the ease of WIX but also want their own domain and professional domain e mail address.

Well, now you can have the best of both worlds with our NEW self-build option.

How does it work?

The whole system works on a drag and drop principle with a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) basis

build your own website 2

Login to Control Panel on your server and click RVsitebuilder icon.

build your own website 3

Choose a template they love and customize a template.

build your own website 4

Add and edit content, font, images, and any site element.

build your own website 5

Save and publish your website live online.


Drag and Drop Editor

Our easy-to-use editing engine makes it easier to create a professional website. Drag and drop to add then edit all your texts, images, and any elements instantly without any technical skills.

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Add Content Elements

Simply add any content elements like images, text, embed youtube, icons, buttons, and maps into place. With RVsitebuilder design tool, you can bring your idea to create an amazing website and grow your business faster.

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Full-Width Color Backgrounds

Set the content of your page span the whole width of the page and gives it more room to breathe. Simply customize any elements such as color backgrounds or image to make modern designs website.

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Add Own Custom Code or Embed HTML Code

Although no coding skills needed to create a site with RVsitebuilder, we also provide built-in code editor for advanced users. CSS and JS custom code can be applied to your template design. You can embed your HTML code into our edit window as well.

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Automatically Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Every website made with RVsitebuilder automatically includes an amazing experience on all device. All templates are built-in responsive and mobile-optimized.

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Add Contact Form

Let your site audience get in touch with your by add a contact form with 
our simple but efficient form builder.

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Powerful WYSIWYG editor

Customize everything on your site the way you want it. Our website builder supports many content layouts. With just a few edits, every site made with RVsitebuilder can be modern and unique.

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Custom Headers and Footer

Impress your visitors with a beautiful customizable header. Create an image or slideshows and add any creative content into your website header banner. Customizable footer lets you tell more about your site or business and keep your visitors engaged.

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Unlimited Quantity of Pages & Website

Add as many web pages as you want and make your site well organized by creating subpages. There is no limit to an amount of sites you can create.

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Made for Any Purpose of Websites

RVsitebuilder offers a broad range of professionally designed templates that scheme for any type of website.

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Free RVsitebuilder Stock Images

Whether kind of website you are, we provide thousands of beautiful stock images for you to choose.

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Social Media

Connect your site to your social media accounts with a social button. 
Let visitors follow you on Facebook by adding a Facebook page bar.

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Hosting and Domain

The core of any website is your domain (which is your website address) and Hosting (Where your website is stored). Included in the price is a monthly hosting package giving you 500Mb of space and 3 domain e mail addresses (e.g. )

Also included is the FREE registration of a domain of your choice.


Like with everything in life, people like to try things before they buy things, and website design is no exception.
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The Cruch, The pressing question …. HOW MUCH?

There are many “free” options out there like WIX and Free sites etc. But they all have one thing in common, they are hosted on the design domain, so your website address is and that just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Should you then want your own domain, it costs you an absolute fortune and you need a degree to get it working.

WIth SDDS Web Design, there are no hidden costs, the price you see is the price you pay!

For a monthly fee of R200 you get the following:


  • FREE Domain for 1 Year
  • 500Mb Hosting Package
  • 3 Domain Email address options
  • Access to Site Builder with all the features
build your own website 7

How do I sign up?

Signing up is almost as easy as designing your own website!

Just complete the form and we will check if your requested domain name is available, and we will pop you a mail with either confirmation or other options.

You will receive an invoice for the balance of the month and the next month

Once proof of payment is received, we will register your domain and send you a mail with all your login details and e mail settings

Then it is time for you to build your own awesome website!

Frequently asked questions

How much notice do I need to give in order to cancel?
We would be sorry to see you go, but there is no notice period, you just need to send us a mail. You can cancel at any time.
How am I billed?
You will be billed monthly in advance. Your first billing will be calculated pro-rata for the days remaining in the month and you will receive an invoice for the following month. Thereafter you will receive a monthly invoice on the first of every month to be paid by the last day of the month.
Do you offer support to build the site?
No, we do not offer direct support, but in some instances, we can offer advice. There is a comprehensive tutorial built right into the design panel of the site and 99% of your questions can be answered there.
Will 500Mb be enough space?
Yes, it will, we always suggest that you resize your images before uploading them as this not only saves space but also makes your site load faster. You can download free software called Photoscape that can do this for you
What happens if I run out of space?
You can delete some mail or we can upgrade your hosting package for you at any time.
Do you do debit orders?
No, we do not, simply because it costs us more and that means we charge more. You will get a monthly invoice and we suggest you load a recurring payment through your internet banking – that way we both save money.
Can I build an e commerce store with this?
Yes, you could, but it is not recommended. E commerce stores can be really complex things and we would gladly quote you on building one for you.

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