Last week we posted a blog on Part 1 of hosting services. This covered Service, Space, Memory, CPU, Shared or Dedicated Hosting, and SSL Certificates. In case you missed it read more here.
This week we dive in deeper and look at some more terminology. We explain in detail certain aspects of hosting so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a hosting service provider.


There are several operating systems or control panels out there. Each with its pros and con’s but the most popular and easiest to use is cPanel. Some hosting service providers have moved away from cPanel due to cost. While other systems may work well, nothing beats the ease of use when it comes to cPanel.


Some hosting service providers offer limited or no access to your hosting account, they seem eager to do everything for you! This could mean they are ‘bundling’ you with other clients to save on hosting costs. While this may reduce your hosting fees it does mean you have less control of your hosting account. Furthermore, should something go wrong with another client’s account, it could affect your hosting account. Make sure you have access to your own dedicated cPanel control panel.


Cheap hosting services often lack security. While it is great to pay a smaller hosting premium, there is nothing more frustrating than having your site hacked. Even worse if the hosting services provider has not backed up your website leaving you unable to restore it. Imagine having to start over and rebuild your website. Ensure that your service provider offers enough security to prevent hacking and secures your website against brute force attacks.


Some hosting companies hide costs that you may only become aware of at a stage when you need something. Good examples are SSL certificates and increased memory, but the latest is renewal fees. You take up a great offer that includes a free domain and a year’s hosting at incredibly reduced fees. However, when it comes to renewing your hosting and domain you will find that they are 3 times the price of everyone else. You could end up feeling overwhelmed with the thought of moving your website and domain. Even more so if the host does not make it an easy task to do so. Make sure your host is transparent with costs so that there are no nasty surprises.


In the simplest terms, a server is a PC with an internet connection. A server farm (many PCs) can be connected and placed in a room in a house or a building. This can be cause for serious concern in terms of theft or fire; and what happens during a power failure? The location of the server is also important based on the demographic the website services. There is little point in hosting on a USA server when your target market is South Africa. Imagine all the technical issues that could happen anywhere between South Africa and America!


Bandwidth is how much data flows into and out of your website. You can equate it to your home internet service provider who might give you 1Gb of data, once it depletes you need to recharge. Servers and hosting accounts are the same and are often limited to the amount of data available to you. Purchasing additional bandwidth comes at a premium so it is essential to choose a hosting provider that offers UNLIMITED bandwidth.


Backing up your website and email account is incredibly important and should be done at regular intervals. Does your hosting service provider offer a backup service, is the service fee or is there a charge? In most cases you can download a backup yourself, but how many remember to do this regularly. Back-ups can save you money, time, and frustration – ensure you have a backup service on your website and hosting account.


SDDS Web Design recently launched a separate division on hosting, called Rhino Hosting. The business is set up to offer reseller packages to other local and international design agencies, as well as to any person or company looking to host an email account and/or website. If you have any questions or would like more information on the services we provide, please drop us a mail at info@rhinohosting.co.za. Or visit our website where you can sign up in just a few minutes https://rhinohosting.co.za

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