The definition of Hosting is what you pay a service provider to store your e mails and website on a server so that it is accessible on the World Wide Web. We do not use Third Party Hosting Companies to do this, we have our own VPS (Virtual Private Server) – But what does this mean to you as a client – click HERE to read more.

What you are basically paying for is space, there are a bunch of other add on’s and I will be glad to go through them with you if required.
Some companies already have a service provider that hosts their e mail and we can save you money by using your existing account rather than signing up for a new one.

You will also need to register a Domain (That is the name of your website) and there is an annual fee for this

Or let us design a package specifically for your needs

How do you know what is right for you

It can all be a little confusing, but it depends mostly on space and on a couple of other little things, A website on its own is quite small ….

How many E-mail addresses will you have ? – E-Mail uses a lot of space but if you set it up right then you will not need a lot of space.

Will you need a Database ? – Some Websites require a Database, I will advise you on this.

Don’t worry, you can upgrade at any time !

Website and Email Hosting 1


A Domain is the address of your website. This is registered with the registrar and is an annual fee.

We have the ability to register almost any domain, while the most popular are and .com, we can do .durban, .org and many others.

The pricing on different domains differs, from R165 per year for a and R270 per year for a .com.

We will gladly check if the domain you want is available and quote you accordingly on its registration

Website and Email Hosting 2