The world has gone mad between the POPI Act and the hundreds of mails you have received from services that you did ot even know you had subscribed to and the total and utter confusion of everyone posting POPI Policies on Whatsapp and Facebook Groups …

How does all of this affect you as a Website Owner and what do you need to do in order to comply?


The important aspect of POPIA is telling people what you do with the information you receive from them and getting their permission for you to do so and that is basically why you are receiving all those mails …

You might say “Well I don’t collect information so I don’t need POPIA notices on my website…” but the truth of the matter is you do collect information, both in the form of people sending you message via your website where the copy of the message is stored on your website with the senders personal details as well as the fact that most websites use something called a COOKIE to track the user experience, remember user preferences, gather analytics and so forth and because of this you need to notify your visitors that you do this and what you do with their information and give them the option to be tracked or not.

For simple sites and most online stores this is really all that you need, but when you really start using personal information, like to send newsletters or build funnels and databases, then you will need a PAIA Manual and this basically sets out how you manage information and protect it – You can view our PAIA Manual online HERE


We offer a simple solution to make your website compliant :

  • We provide you with a Template of a Privacy Policy
  • We Update your site with a Privacy Policy
  • We Update your Privacy Settings for Ecommerce Stores
  • We Add a Cookie Notice to your Website

We offer this service for a fee of R500, which we discount to R250 for our existing clients

Contact us today to take advantage of this offer by simply clicking HERE

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