Our Servers are equipped with very high tech Spam Detection Software that can be engaged at user level. This software detects if a mail is possibly Spam and if the system does consider it to be spam it will then reply to the sender with a preconfigured email advising then to either click on a link to verify their address or to reply to the mail to release the mail. Given the fact that most spammers are not using their real email addresses, they will not receive the mail and thus it will not be released. Of course the system is not fool proof but it has shown to reduce spam mail by up to 98%. The nice part is that the system learns and the sender only has to verify their mail once and then they are placed in a while list.

As with everything you will get “false positives” where a mail from your bank for example is legitimate and the system might mark ti as spam and block it. In this case it is sent from an unattended mailbox and will be left in your mail queue for  14 Days. As a result you will need to check your box trap on a daily basis and manually “release” any mails from legitimate sources. Again, this only needs to be done once per sender and then they will never be blocked again.

In Order to Activate this functionality you need to log into your WebMail Account, to do this you go to www.yourdomain.co.za/webmail (replace the “Your Domain” with you website address, for example info@rhinohosting.co.za would be www.rhinohosting.co.za/webmail) >> Once you have done this Look for “Box Trapper” as shown in the Video and follow the video instructions below …

We also have a less invasive way of managing Spam which will basically calculate the Spam Score on the Message and mark it as Spam but still deliver it to your mailbox and you can then use email rules to manage the mails coming in and filter them accordingly as the header will be marked with the Word Spam. Should you prefer to use this please send us a mail to info@sddsweb.co.za and we will gladly assist.


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