Very few people understand the concept of website content and even less understand how important it is to not only have GREAT content but also to have structured content!

So what is the difference between the two?

Great content is words and images that are engaging and that explain in detail what your business or service is, the content must contain words and phrases that Google can index and understand in order to present the website to a visitor doing a search for those words or phrases.

Structured content is the way the content is laid out on the website using the correct headings so that Google understands what it what and where it is. If you have a web page without the correct structure then it is near impossible for Goggle to properly index and present the search results to its users.

We do not provide content as part of our service, but through our strategic partnerships with specialists in their fields, we are able to refer you to a Wordsmith that is suitably qualified to provide you with the correct content for your website, which in turn will enable us to build a website for you that will convert visitors into customers.

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