These global email giants released updated sender guidelines that went live February 2024, and will continue to ramp up the severity of non-compliance from now until all rules become mandatory in June 2024. The requirements are aimed at improving email security and keeping unwanted spam out of users’ inboxes.
Without implementing the necessary email authentication protocols, your business’s emails may not reach the inbox.

Here, we’ll unpack the new requirements and how you can ensure that your business is compliant so that your email deliverability isn’t affected.


Navigating Google & Yahoo’s sender rules 1

What are the requirements?

Ensure that emails pass SPF and DKIM checks

Have a DMARC record

Adhere to one-click unsubscribe

Comply with the new 0.3% spam threshold

How will these new rules affect my business emails?

February 2024:

Non-compliant senders may encounter errors on a small portion of emails, prompting identification and correction before mandatory rules apply.

April 2024:

Email providers will start rejecting a portion of emails that don’t meet the rules. This
rate will increase over time.

June 2024:

New requirements, including one-click unsubscribe for commercial emails, become mandatory; non-compliant emails will be rejected.

Google Sender Requirements

With the deadlines approaching, taking immediate action is crucial. This proactive approach will not only safeguard your emails from potential rejection but will also strengthen your defenses against impersonation.

Uncovering DMARC’s additional benefits

Improved deliverability

Strong DMARC compliance and policies ensure that all legitimate emails with your name reach the intended inbox, not Spam or Junk folders.

Maximized visibility

DMARC reports collect data from servers worldwide, turning it into actionable insights, and give you visibility of who is sending emails from your domain.

Enhanced trust

Stop fake emails being sent from your domain and ensure that all recipients can trust the emails they receive from you.

Increased compliance

Assists in complying with Google and Yahoo sender requirements and other global regulatory standards.

The details of implementing Google and Yahoo’s new sender rules for email authentication may seem overwhelming, but you don’t need to embark on your journey to compliance alone.

We’ve partnered with Sendmarc, a leader in email security, to bring your business fast, seamless, and scalable DMARC implementation for organizations of any size.

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