Website Maintenance is an absolute necessity if you have an online presence.

Very few website owners understand why they should maintain their website on a regular basis and for those that have small static websites without complex functionality, they could do this themselves, but for those that have large and complex websites and ecommerce stores with a lot of functionality, they might need a maintenance agreement for this to be done on a regular basis.

Let us take you through a journey of discovery where we explain how a Website works “under the hood” and help you understand why  website maintenance is so important.

How does a Website work?

A website is like a car, it has many pieces and components and we will unpack each of these with the aim of helping you get a better understanding of its inner workings.

Like a car has a body, a website has a shell, this is usually in the form of a framework that the website is built on, in our case we prefer WordPress but there are several different ones out there.

Inside the shell or framework is a theme, which is like the inside of the car, it makes the site look pretty, enables the user to add and remove text and images, and contains some functionality.

Within the theme and framework are plugins, these are the equivalent to the car’s engine, this makes the functionality of the website work, for example, a form on a contact page, payment gateways on an e-commerce site, and a myriad of other functionalities.

Why is Website Maintenance Necessary? 1

What is Website Maintenance

As time goes on, new functionality and security patches are issued for WordPress, The Theme, and the Plugins, this is something that happens almost daily, and more often than not, the updates are security-related, which means that some kind of “problem” was found and needs to be fixed. Failure to update these plugins could lead to your website being hacked or broken.

The other reason for updates is the fact that WordPress, The Theme, and the plugins all need to be compatible and “play together” nicely. Sometimes a Theme or Plugin will become incompatible with the latest version of WordPress and “break” your site or a Plugin will “retire” and eventually no longer be compatible with either the Theme or WordPress and again break your site.

As part of a maintenance agreement, we do not simply update everything, we check the website error logs to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that nothing is going wrong in the background. Think of this as the same as servicing your car and the technician running diagnostic tests to discover any hidden issues.

Is my site really at risk if I do not do website maintenance?

In short, the answer is yes, because as mentioned before, there is a good chance that your site might be vulnerable to some kind of attack. As of today, 26 March, here are 3 examples of well-known plugins used on sites that were at risk:

Rank Math – Security researchers issue an advisory on XSS vulnerability in the Rank Math SEO plugin affecting +2 million WordPress sites   Read More

Astra Theme – Astra WordPress theme with +1 million installs quietly patched a possible XSS vulnerability according to security researchers Read More

Site Builder – WordPress backdoor alleged to be intentionally added by site builder addon developer that can unpublish entire websites Read More

Why is Website Maintenance Necessary? 2

Can I maintain my own website?

In principle you can yes, however, as mentioned above, sometimes simply just updating the plugins and themes is only a part of what gets done. A maintenance subscription will ensure that issues are detected and resolved before they actually occur and the website can be monitored for both uptime and availability. A good maintenance plan will also ensure that regular backups are made and stored so that if something should happen to your website, it can be restored.


How much does Website maintenance cost?

Website Maintenance comes in various forms and packages. We for example offer everything from basic maintenance to packages where we do regular content changes and updates to the website, you can view more info about the packages we offer on our web page.


In conclusion

Website Maintenance is an important part of having a secure website. Should you need any further information on this, or need to ask some questions, please reach out to us on our website.

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