What are you actually paying for and getting when you look for a “Cheap Website”?

We obviously all want the best price for the service offering we are looking for and it would be ludacrius in business to just accept an expensive quote on a website without getting comparative quotes. But the problem is comparing “Apples with Apples”

Let us use a car as an example, Car A will get you from A to B and would only cost you R3000

, Car B will get you from A to B and Cost you R100 000.

Essentially, they do the same thing. But the difference in price comes with,  reliability, and comfort.

Websites are no different. You could go the visual route and just DIY a website with all the hundreds of free “builders” out there, but a website is not just a visual component. A Good designer spends as much time on the front end (Visual) part of your Website as he does on the Back End (the Engine) of your website.

When you go for a cheap website, you are getting visual, and sometimes not even very good visuals, but what about everything that goes on behind the scenes, are you getting that?

When a freelance designer starts out, he has little experience and tends to try and “under quote” the market related prices, just to get the job. But as he grows and invests in his knowledge and experience, he starts increasing his pricing and in doing so also produces better quality and more effective websites.

Your next and final question should be – “What happens after I have paid”. I have seen many horror stories where I hear the words “My Web designer has disappeared” … Need I say more?


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